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HutReno Funding

Is HutReno a commercial operation?

HutReno is not a commercial operation. Currently the cost of setting up and running HutReno is undertaken by the founder. However, depending on whether the demand for HutReno increases, consideration for establishing a charitable trust will help some aspects of HutReno’s operations run more effectively.

Does HutReno receive funding for its volunteer projects?

At present, HutReno is not financially compensated for any of its volunteer services or projects.

Does the Department of Conservation fund HutReno?

Currently, HutReno receives no funding from the Department of Conservation.

If you have any queries or considerations around the funding of HutReno projects please get in touch with us.


What is a HutReno Project Profile?

A Project Profile provides details of a completed HutReno project once the adequate number of volunteers have registered their interest. A Project Profile will detail a range of important matters for volunteers to be fully informed ahead of time. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

What is a HutReno Project Calendar?

A Project Calendar comprises possible up and coming HutReno backcountry project/s that are being discussed with DOC.

What information is needed for making an informed decision on becoming a backcountry volunteer?

In addition, from what is provided on this website, once a HutReno project is complete, a Project Profile will be emailed to each volunteer. Information on accommodation arrangements, meals, and all other details will be made available in full detail in this profile so that volunteers are kept well informed. Depending on the demand for HutReno services and time available, volunteers will be kept up to date throughout each project however a Project Profile will be the most effective way of complying and simplifying all the information required. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

HutReno Management

An effective management team will enhance the vision of HutReno by bringing together wider consultation, objectivity, collective resolve and credibility.

HutReno Marketing

The conservational merits of HutReno will be marketed through speaking engagements, various advertising initiatives and more.

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