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HutReno Priorities

The first priority is to build on the success of the Lake Sumner Project by working with DOC to create other potential volunteer opportunities. Setting up a Projects Calendar and Project Profile will follow as support for HutReno increases.

As time, interest and commitment grow, putting together backcountry projects will be made easier by having the availability of volunteers and project team leaders.

Creating an effective management team is also a priority, as such a team will enhance the vision of HutReno by bringing together wider consultation, objectivity, collective resolve and credibility. Moreover, the need to prioritize evaluation and review at the conclusion of each HutReno by volunteers, team leaders and stakeholders will help towards an overall assessment of this volunteer service.

It will help clarify the effectiveness of each project, strengths, weakness and further direction of this volunteer service.

Project Cancellations

There is unfortunately always a possibility of a backcountry project being cancelled. The very nature of any backcountry work is weather dependent along with other unforeseen circumstances that can and do arise.

Volunteers need to be mindful of this issue when planning for their involvement. A HutReno activity may be cancelled at any time during the planning stages or even when the project itself is in full swing.

Health and Safety are the guiding principles for determining the life of any HutReno project. All volunteers will be kept informed as and when circumstances change.

Review Period

Is there a review period for determining the continuation of HutReno?

HutReno has committed to a two-year review period for determining the ultimate continuation of this backcountry volunteer service. During the review period from 2020 to 2022, the Management Team will be in a strong position to make recommendations on the further direction and possible changes of HutReno. In the meantime, if the demand for HutReno services matches our operational capacity, then changes may occur sooner.

Hut Reno Outcome

Whatever the outcome of the following two-year review period, the vision of HutReno is conditional on the availability of volunteer people power, a management team, project team leaders and funding.
The potential of HutReno won’t be defined by the number of backcountry projects it undertakes but by the dignity of its volunteers and the quality of their collective workout.

Potential Challenges

There are several challenges that could potentially hinder the progress of this backcountry service. The most obvious challenge would be the lack of volunteers, lack of an effective management team, lack of project team leaders or lack of finances to carry out each project.

Management Structure Benefits

HutReno would benefit from having a Management structure. It is imperative that a leadership team of motivated individuals begin working on key aspects of this backcountry service.

Ongoing Effectiveness

What process is required for determining the ongoing effectiveness of HutReno?

Over the next twelve months, it is vital to establish a formal management team of strategic individuals that will help establish the HutReno organisation. Having a management team undertake key roles, evaluate and review the operational structure, measure volunteer response, engage with stakeholders and manage various projects etc.

Take a HutReno Challenge and Help Preserve the Legacy of New Zealand’s Backcountry Huts

What is a HutReno Project Profile?

A Project Profile provides details of a completed HutReno project once the adequate number of volunteers have registered their interest. A Project Profile will detail a range of important matters for volunteers to be fully informed ahead of time. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

What is a HutReno Project Calendar?

A Project Calendar comprises possible up and coming HutReno backcountry project/s that are being discussed with DOC.

What information is needed for making an informed decision on becoming a backcountry volunteer?

In addition, from what is provided on this website, once a HutReno project is complete, a Project Profile will be emailed to each volunteer. Information on accommodation arrangements, meals, and all other details will be made available in full detail in this profile so that volunteers are kept well informed. Depending on the demand for HutReno services and time available, volunteers will be kept up to date throughout each project however a Project Profile will be the most effective way of complying and simplifying all the information required. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

HutReno Marketing

The conservational merits of HutReno will be marketed through speaking engagements, various advertising initiatives and more.

HutReno Funding

At present, HutReno is not financially compensated for any of its volunteer services or projects.

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