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Marketing Strategy

HutReno will engage with stakeholders, including DOC officials, to spread the conservational merits of HutReno. This will be achieved for example through speaking engagements with tramping clubs, organizations and various advertising options. This will be bolstered with communicating with possible volunteers from the ‘Register Your Interest’ webpage, and putting together possible projects in conjunction with DOC.

Networking: Backcountry Volunteer Initiatives

HutReno will make every effort to collaborate with other backcountry initiatives that share a similar organizational structure and purpose. 

HutReno aims to be complementary to any other backcountry initiative around New Zealand. It is important to highlight the growing number of backcountry hut restoration projects, DOC partnerships, and the like taking place around New Zealand. Several tramping clubs and organizations such as: The New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC), The Nelson Tramping Club, The Wanganui Tramping Club, The Ex-New Zealand Forest Service Volunteer Group (Ex-NZFS), New Zealand Deerstalkers Association IncThe Permolat Volunteer Group, The Kaimai Ridgeway Trust and others are among a growing effort to restore and/or maintain our beloved backcountry huts.

DOC’s own volunteer conservation service and Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC) push to encourage tramping clubs and the like to adopt a hut is simply awesome. The encouraging efforts of The Backcountry Trust that is made up of FMC, NZDA and Trail Fund provides funding for backcountry restoration projects including the wonderful work of Ex-NZFS Volunteer Group in the Tararuas. Furthermore, the Community Conservation Partnership Fund (CCPF) is an extemporary effort on DOC’s part which funded $26 million in 2015 to community conservation and recreational groups over a four-year period. The Outdoors Recreation Consortium was one of the recipients that funded several outdoor projects.

All over New Zealand there is an emerging movement of dedicated preservationists making a worthwhile volunteer investment to our backcountry huts in the name of ‘Giving Back’. The work of HutReno is part of this movement’.

HutReno Management

An effective management team will enhance the vision of HutReno by bringing together wider consultation, objectivity, collective resolve and credibility.

HutReno Funding

At present, HutReno is not financially compensated for any of its volunteer services or projects.

We want to hear from you

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