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Are HutReno Projects only Undertaken Within Easier Reach from Road End?

HutReno will undertake projects wherever there are DOC huts. However, huts that are further inland and take several hours and/or days to reach or are situated in mountain terrain, will require volunteers to have certain bush craft and route-finding skills.

For example, they will need a high level of fitness, have an understanding of weather conditions and the ability to carry a heavier pack. Such volunteer efforts may include extra conditions and planning by DOC for the duration of the project.

The project profile will detail the level of tramping requirements involved in any one project.

Is there a Team Building Exercise during a HutReno Project?

Yes, there is a team-building aspect to most HutReno projects, with an emphasis on life coaching. Apart from an individual’s volunteer commitment to sustainability, commonality of purpose and project achievement, HutReno users a strategy it calls ROPE. It is an acronym for a volunteer experience that is: Robust, Organized, Practical and Enriching. The simplicity of ROPE enables combined leverage, group synergy, and momentum.

The second aspect of team building is providing a focus on understanding, The health benefits of being eco-active and the third is validating an individual’s motivational self-efficacy. Balancing team-building exercises is complementary with the overall theme of giving back and the belief there is: Much More 2 Live 4.

Team building/life coaching heightens the learning experience because it incentivizes motivation, cohesion and enthusiasm for getting the job done. The three elements of team building are a crucial part of most HutReno projects which can have personal significance in other aspects in a volunteer’s life.

Project Cancellations

Is there a possibility of a backcountry project being cancelled?


Yes, there is a possibility of a backcountry project being cancelled. The very nature of any backcountry work is weather dependent along with other unforeseen circumstances that can and do arise. Volunteers need to be mindful of this issue when planning for their involvement. A HutReno activity may be cancelled at any time during the planning stages or even when the project itself is in full swing. Health and Safety are the guiding principles for determining the life of any HutReno project. All volunteers will be kept informed as and when circumstances change.

Health and Safety

Working under the direction of DOC and the project team leader means health and safety come first. Volunteers are excluded from using power tools and the like. This and other workplace priorities will help eliminate the chance of accidents during a volunteer’s invaluable efforts while undertaking multiple manual tasks. All project working requirements will be at the discretion of DOC and the project team leader.

What is a HutReno Project Profile?

A Project Profile provides details of a completed HutReno project once the adequate number of volunteers have registered their interest. A Project Profile will detail a range of important matters for volunteers to be fully informed ahead of time.

What is a HutReno Project Calendar?

A Project Calendar comprises possible up and coming HutReno backcountry project/s that are being discussed with DOC.

What information is needed for making an informed decision on becoming a backcountry volunteer?

In addition, from what is provided on this website, once a HutReno project is complete, a Project Profile will be emailed to each volunteer. Information on accommodation arrangements, meals, and all other details will be made available in full detail in this profile so that volunteers are kept well informed. Depending on the demand for HutReno services and time available, volunteers will be kept up to date throughout each project however a Project Profile will be the most effective way of complying and simplifying all the information required. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

HutReno Timeframes

Timeframes to prepare for a project, duration of a project, the best time of the year for a project, project frequency and more.

Tramping with HutReno

Most projects will involve some degree of tramping. The estimated tramping time, difficulty, terrain and/or track types will be outlined in each Project Profile.

Enquiry Form for DOC

If you are a DOC employee wishing to propose a hut that requires renovation, please complete and submit this form.

HutReno Stories

We share volunteers’ stories here to give you a sense of the HutReno project experience.

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