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Tales from HutReno Trails

The experience of getting out into the New Zealand bush and being a part of regenerating and restoring the DOC tramping huts for future trampers to enjoy is enormously rewarding. With each project we will share the volunteers’ stories here to give you a sense of what goes on and the triumph of completion when each HutReno project is complete.

Mt Taranaki Camphouse

Mt Taranaki Camphouse

The Department of Conservation in New Plymouth has asked HutReno to repaint the historic 'Camphouse' on Mt Taranaki. The project has been inspected and it requires very little work. Apart from it being an honour to be involved with this project, there is no tramping...

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HutReno Projects

Details and logistics about the Projects.

HutReno Timeframes

Timeframes to prepare for a project, duration of a project, the best time of the year for a project, project frequency and more.

Tramping with HutReno

Most projects will involve some degree of tramping. The estimated tramping time, difficulty, terrain and/or track types will be outlined in each Project Profile.

Enquiry Form for DOC

If you are a DOC employee wishing to propose a hut that requires renovation, please complete and submit this form.

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