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Hut Reno Philosophy

The major philosophical force behind HutReno is based on value theory, a theory that asks how, why and to what degree individuals value people, places and things. Specifically, it validates each volunteer’s commitment to the core of conservation efforts. Furthermore, HutReno holds to scientific evidence-based practice to conservation efforts throughout NZ.

Reasons for Developing this Backcountry Initiative

With increasing numbers of tourists and Kiwis, riding or hiking the new or old trails and walking tracks, there is a growing demand on our backcountry huts. The higher use of these structures simply equates to greater wear and tear along with additional demand on DOC’s budget and resources to maintain them. Putting it simply, the backcountry volunteer initiative of HutReno is not only timely or cost effective but strategically important to all parties concerned.

Putting together this backcountry volunteer service in 2019 coincides with my seventieth birthday and an ideal opportunity to dedicate HutReno to my father James. As a builder, he introduced me to many carpentry skills in the hope I would follow in his footsteps. HutReno is also dedicated to The Salvation Army where, over several years, I observed the art of giving back, as ‘Christianity with its sleeves rolled up’.

Finally, my love for New Zealand’s wonderland compels me to do what I can to be a part of preserving our backcountry shelters so others can enjoy DOC’s legacy to all.

Hut Reno Vision

Firstly, HutReno needs to build on the success of the Lake Sumner Volunteer Effort by planning other backcountry projects. Secondly, HutReno is seeking the services of volunteers, project team leaders and setting up a management team to help advance the vision of HutReno.

The vision of HutReno includes several innovative ideas that need collective input from like minds.

‘None of us knows as much as all of us together’.

Hut Reno Moto


can turn ‘powerful reasons into concrete actions while not giving a second thought for wanting to repeat them’.

There are many incentives for understanding why motivation has a holistic impact on giving back, and why it creates a precedent of personal and social empowerment.

About HutReno

HutReno is a volunteer service for individuals who have a passion for the great outdoors and are interested in its conservation and who love a motivational challenge. HutReno helps preserve the life, legacy, and comfort of New Zealand’s backcountry huts.

HutReno Background

HutReno came about because DOC ranger Duncan Anthony went beyond the call of duty to widen a track near Hope Kiwi Lodge on a small part of New Zealand’s Te-Araroa Trail in the Lake Summer Forest Park.

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