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General Rules of Conduct

The following outline lists general rules of conduct, responsibilities, and expectations for individuals participating in a HutReno project. This information (adapted) is used with permission from the Howick Tramping Club in Auckland.


  • On all HutReno projects, volunteers are expected to accept the guidance and direction of the Project Team Leader. Individuals are, however, ultimately responsible for their own decisions on the risks they are prepared to take and for ensuring that they have the fitness, level of skill and competence required to cope with those risks for undertaking a HutReno.
  • It is the Projects Team Leader’s right to refuse any person on a backcountry project if it is felt that they will not be able to cope with this outdoor activity, have inadequate clothing and equipment, food and water or if the safety of the working group was put in jeopardy.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own safety. This means having enough food, drink and suitable clothing and footwear for the duration of a project. You should also carry your own First Aid kit.
  • The Project Team Leader or designated First Aider should be made aware of any volunteers who have a medical condition that could cause a problem throughout the project. Volunteers are asked to declare any medical condition/s in the ‘Register your Interest’ form. Make sure you have your medication with you and tell the leader where in your pack you keep it.
  • During any tramping, the leader will appoint a points person at the front of the group and one at the back (at times there may be a need for carrying a 2-way radio). Participants are not to be ahead/behind the appointed person.
  • If you need to disappear into the bushes (for a toilet stop) make sure you leave your pack on the track. If you are last in the group let someone know.
  • Never go past a junction, always wait for the entire group to assemble at junctions so that you all go the same way.
  • If a party is becoming too spread out the leader will find it necessary to stop and regroup. A good guide is that you should always be able to hear the person behind you and see the person in front of you.
  • If you are in the leading group of a party, please be mindful that slower members and/or groups will still need to stop and have a rest when they catch up with the faster group. As a general rule, the tramping group travels at the pace of the slowest person.
  • At lunchtime, everyone needs to have a decent break and a rest. The time allowed may depend on such factors as the type of group, trip length and weather conditions.
  • Listen and be patient to what the leader says. You may not be aware of all the factors they have to take into account.
  • Be considerate of others and their capabilities at all times. We want every volunteer to enjoy their HutReno experience.
  • Should a conflict arise between volunteers, the Project Team Leader needs to be informed for the matter to be resolved.

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