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Your Decisive Reason for Giving Back

Have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, an unexpected word of affirmation or helpful mentoring you received during difficult times? Perhaps your personal act/s of kindness surprised you emotionally by the way your thoughtfulness was received. Either way, showing kindness and being appreciative represents the power of equal opportunity, relational nurture and depth.

The complementary nature between giver and receiver demonstrates how empathy in one can awaken interpersonal meaning in another.

There is no doubt that giving back will trigger a chain reaction where mutual respect and gratitude is defining of an individual’s value ethics.

Giving back requires sacrifice, cost and sometimes a lot of effort. It can therefore challenge your motive for wanting to repeat your action, especially when your generosity seems unappreciated. However great or small, giving back to people, places or things establishes the power of personal/social empowerment. It demonstrates an individual’s motivation of human goodness. This creates a positive cycle that serves to strengthen belief in human nature for wanting to return the gift somewhere else. Your decisive reason for giving back is the dynamism of motivation.

Motivation can turn ‘powerful reasons into concrete actions while not giving a second thought for wanting to repeat them’.

What is a HutReno Project Profile?

A Project Profile provides details of a completed HutReno project once the adequate number of volunteers have registered their interest. A Project Profile will detail a range of important matters for volunteers to be fully informed ahead of time. 

What is a HutReno Project Calendar?

A Project Calendar comprises possible up and coming HutReno backcountry project/s that are being discussed with DOC.

What information is needed for making an informed decision on becoming a backcountry volunteer?

In addition, from what is provided on this website, once a HutReno project is complete, a Project Profile will be emailed to each volunteer. Information on accommodation arrangements, meals, and all other details will be made available in full detail in this profile so that volunteers are kept well informed. Depending on the demand for HutReno services and time available, volunteers will be kept up to date throughout each project however a Project Profile will be the most effective way of complying and simplifying all the information required. The development of a HutReno App for communicating any Project Profile updates is being considered.

HutReno Volunteers

Our HutReno Volunteers are the backbone for any project getting off the ground and they fill a crucial role in turning a scruffy hut into a hospitable positive experience for those who take shelter.

Motivation to Participate

HutReno is a Motivational Effort for giving back to the Department of Conservation and the outdoors community.

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